Friday, August 08, 2008


I don't know about you, but somewhere between the heat and humidity and the Schack being just on the precipice of comfortable... it is getting harder to stay motivated and finish up our projects.

Sure, there are ceilings to skim coat, workshops to insulate, gardens to weed, and yards to till and plant. But there are also margaritas to drink, and porch swings to read books on, and birds to watch, and bunnies to pet. It's tough keeping a balance between being productive and enjoying the results of your productivity.

We have dealt with this mostly by extending our timeline and lowering our expectations. Sure, it will be lovely when the walls are smooth and we can relax in the pergola in the backyard, but what we really need to do is finish the workshop so that we don't suffer another freezing cold winter with a wide-open basement (stupid, stupid!).

On a more positive note, before we left for Weddingpalooza, we did fill another entire 10-yard dumpster with the leftover crap that the previous owners left behind. Now that felt good.

Here's to a relaxing AND productive weekend!!

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