Thursday, August 07, 2008

Paint, Color, and Indecision

We traveled a lot in July, to attend two of the loveliest weddings I've ever seen and also a shower for one of the brides. Between the traveling itself (one wedding in CA, one in PA) and the increased workload to make up for days missed, not much has been going on, Schack-side.

This past weekend we cleaned up the neglected yard, grilled a lot, and worked in the garden.
We've also started to obsess over paint colors again. My Sister The Parson's Graduate gave us a few tips and a bunch of color chips a few weekends ago, but we're still sort of floundering overall. We just can't decide what colors to put where, and it's hard for us to not paint everything some shade of green.

Here are a bunch of photos I found on the Design Assistant that I liked. But there's still so much green!


Karen Anne said...

Why not green? I've seen several photos over the years of either pale green rooms with small pale yellow accents or vice versa. I've always liked those.

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