Thursday, July 17, 2008

Squirrel Nest?!?

Me to Ben in an email this morning: I am 90% sure that there is a squirrel nest under the eaves outside of our bedroom window. I heard a bunch of commotion, went up to the third floor to see what was up, and saw three - three - squirrels go under the eaves through a space in the gutter. Right where we saw that other one a few weeks back. Then I heard them fighting (or whatever) in the space under that part of the roof.

Ben's reply: Oy.

You said it, Schmich.

How do I get rid of squirrels? Fox pee? Exterminator? Napalm?


Elaine said...

Wonder if that's how the neighborhood got the name Squirrel Hill....

Paul & Cindy said...

Try moth balls where they come in, or where their nest is.

jen said...

I had the same problem and called a local business called--I kid you not--Critter Control. The owner's a loveable kook who gets rid of your critters humanely. The back of his truck has cages filled with various critters (some in different stages of impending death-by-heart-attack!) that he takes faaaaaar away and releases. He even took care of fixing the eaves so nobody else could get in.

In any case, GET RID OF THEM NOW. He had several nightmarish stories about the squirrels GETTING IN.

Karen Anne said...

I had a raccoon camping out in my attic. The wildlife company (be sure you get one that is humane, check around with a local animal welfare group, don't just believe what the companies say), flushed him out and then at the time of day when critters are not normally inside, blocked every tiniest opening you can imagine at the house, like an inch, because that would let in a mouse.

I never had another problem.

They didn't try to catch the raccoon. I don't think relocating critters is necessary, plus they may be feeding babies.

No poisons, as that moves up the food chain and the next thing you know, a hawk is dead.