Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Life Among The Rabbits

I know this is supposed to be a house blog, but they're just so cute...

This is Jackpot and Nugget, our rabbits. Jackpot is a mini-Rex (pointy-uppy ears), and Nugget is a Holland Lop (floppy ears). Nugget was adopted from a breeder in Connecticut while we were still living in Brooklyn, and Jackpot was adopted from my parents, who adopted him from someone else.

This is how they usually are: Nugget all chilled out and Jackpot keeping guard. I've never been able to get an un-blurry picture of Jackpot. He's just a perpetual motion machine, always into some kind of mischief. This is the closest I've gotten:
Handsome though, hm? And I just worship Nugget's chubby little legs and feet.

They recently moved from the spare bedroom (where these were taken) into the office. Their new room needs a paint job to lighten it up a little, but they seem to be getting along fine. Jackpot has even made himself a nest in a seat cushion in a box. Which, of course, I have not been able to catch a picture of.
look at them 'tocks!

I extol the many many wonderful virtues of houserabbits to just about anyone who will listen. They never grow out of their cute phase (like kittens do), they are fully litter trained, and they're very low maintenance. They're not as interactive as a dog or even a cat, I guess, but they are funny, affectionate, sweet little things.


Anna said...

They're so cute!

I've a preference for rabbits since the time when my first boyfriend, who bred rabbits, named several of his cutest rabbits after me :)

Kristen said...

Aww! Sweet!

Anonymous said...

They are so cute. We also have a house rabbit. He has run of the whole house but goes back upstairs to his bathroom to do his business and eat and drink. He lives amoung the countless cats (number changes daily. Cat rescuer)and the dog. Sometimes he loves the kittens a little to much. HAHAHAHA.


Kristen said...

Beth - I'm so impressed your rabbit does stairs! Jackpot has attempted once or twice, but I think because they're hardwood it's too slippery for him. Sometimes I take them downstairs in their travel crate to run around, but mostly they have the run of the 2nd floor.

Kristin said...

I love my rabbit and yours are so cute too! glad to see others appreciate the bunnies for who they are. So are yours the same sex and don't ever fight? I wanted to get a second rabbit but they (the local pet store) told me that mine would fight with the other one if introduced. hm?

Kristen said...

Hi Kristin! Jackpot is a boy and Nugget is a girl, and both are fixed, so they've never fought much. There was a heck of a lot of humping action when they first met (and even now from time to time). I've heard that same-sex pairs, especially two females, will be territorial and mean, but that opposites make good pairs. Having more than one is very fun.