Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Our house numbers arrived!

Our house number is 5866, so we even get to hang that funky 8 on the house (I'm so glad we're not something relatively dull like 10). We opted for these from the fabulous Rejuvenation. God, everything they have is so fantastic. I go into a full swoon just looking at their catalog! And you'd probably think I'm nuts for getting all googly about a doorknob, but have you seen their doorknobs? Or their doorbells, for that matter? Tina (Ben's mom) told me she has a friend who regularly shops at the actual Rejuvenation store in Portland. I think I'd slip into a coma.


becoming-home said...

So cute, can't wait to see them hung. Where are you going to put them?

Kristen said...

They're going on one of the brick "pillars" out front. This weekend, I hope!