Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dirt & Seed

Here are some lovely pictures of the patio and pathways, all nice and soiled and seeded:

Ben added a small stone border along the front path. I love how it accents the stones and makes the whole front feel more unified.

The other side pathway got cleaned up quite nicely too.

Because Ben's a freakin' champ.
(Here he is with the slain Mujunglebeta.)


Anna said...

Hi Kristen,

I only just discovered your blog on and really like it! Your husband fighting the lawn and weeds reminds me a lot of my husband's "fights" in our garden ;)

The patio and pathways look great, wonderful job!

Best wishes

Kristen said...

Hi Anna! Thank you for the complements! We've put most of our energy into the yards so far, so now that they're under control, we're looking forward to some meatier projects.

Thanks for stopping by!