Sunday, June 03, 2007


Not a lot to report from the Schack this weekend. Friday night and most of Saturday morning I spent being a big freak and finishing a paper that was due Friday. Oops. On Saturday we were back out in the yard. I cleaned up the front some more, Ben played with rocks some more, and we both sweated our asses off. It was hot.

Ben took a crack at the disaster called our backyard and swung the new weedwhacker with a vengence. That is, until he stirred up a bunch of wasps that have probably made a cozy home under the monster plant that can only be described as a mutated jungle rutabega. Mujunglebeta. We both made a hasty retreat to the patio. Ben started digging up the gravel betweeen the stones, I weeded.

Saturday night we met up with some folks to go to the PA Microbrewers Festival, which was even more fun than we thought it would be. Lots of great beer, pulled pork for dinner (is this a theme lately, or what?), and insanely funny and meanspirited people watching. Add a little swearing and I'm in heaven.


Ben descends on the lawn:

At the Schmich Schack, safety is #1.

And here is a video of Ben weedwhacking. Some might find this boring, but I can't stop giggling as he descends into the underbrush:

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Laura said...

ben has more than one shirt, right?