Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wow, we have a yard!

I forgot to mention that Ben and I took off from work this week to work on House Projects. So far, we've mostly been filling our shiny red dumpster with yard debris. Ben continued on his weed clearing vision quest and I chipped in, moving the heavy, gross, slowly decomposing pile of stuff he'd already cleared.

Even with breaks for a haircut, lunch, a quick trip to work for me (sadly grad school is not a real job...), and a visit to Lowes, here's what the backyard looked like by the time we were done yesterday. It's huge. We can't believe how big and steep it is. All those weeds really hid its sexy curves.

So who has a favorite landscaping book to recommend? We've got more yard than we know what to do with. We've just about memorized this one, Hillside Landscaping by Hazel White, but I'd really like one that's more about the types and names of plants that would be good for a certain spot. This one gets full sun, is steep, and we'd like the plants to be as low-maintenance and drought-resistant as possible. Any thoughts?

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