Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Best Organic Herbicide

Apparently the best organic herbicide you can get is good old fashioned Schmich Sweat (tm). You want a quick, effective way to kill weeds? His name is Ben.

Over the past two weekends, Ben has annihilated the weedy, gross, Vietnam-like area of our backyard. It was a jungle of despair, believe me. These suckers were at least 4.5 feet high:
(The tiny person in the background of the photo above is a customer of the small business that is located behind our house and that sells Pennsylvania native plants. Like, how embarassing.)

After the first day, Ben had threshed, raked, mowed and hoed the mess down to this:

Then by the end of the second day, he made it all the way down to the retaining wall at the top of the gravel parking pad. That dark splotch is where the compost pile used to be.

He was really kicking ass by Day 3 and the remaining weeds were shakin' in their boots. Did you notice that the giant rocks are now at the bottom of the hill? It was quite an adventure getting them down there. Birthing noises and grunting and whatnot. A lever-fulcrum system may or may not have been employed.

Here's Ben with his hoe over in the sunken-railroad-tie-retaining-wall area. Yep.

You know, from certain angles, it almost looks like a normal, albeit barren, yard!
This is our very sexy retaining wall, with an even sexier decoration: an old diet Pepsi bottle on a giant piece of rusty rebar. You like it? Yeah, we didn't even have to pay extra for it.

We're on our way to civilization, folks, one weedy patch at a time. Ben's got another 10x30 feet to go or so, but he's really into it, and is eager to get it done. He also keeps checking the yard in the morning to make sure the weeds haven't grown back overnight.

That would be really scary.


Elaine said...

Man. I was really hoping you were gonna recommend an organic miracle product. Fie on weeds!!!

Anyway, kudos, y'all. Looking great out there. Hope the shell shock wares off soon.

denise said...

Nice job! He's right to check on it every day because those suckers will take over in no time! Weeds are EVIL!

Kristen said...

Elaine - hah! Gotcha!

Denise - Evil, indeed. And no matter what English cottage garden prints make you believe, Ivy is a WEED.