Friday, November 05, 2010

Priming the green room

Lest you think I've gone completely Momblog on you, let me assure you that we are, indeed, still working on making the Schmich Schack ship shape. 

For instance, we are finally tackling the other front bedroom, the ugly little sister to our redone guest room turned nursery. It was an "office" for a long time (before the rabbits took over completely) but we never really used it much because, well... I mean look at it:
To be fair, this is a photo snagged from the real estate website waayyy back before we were responsible for this madness.  This is Previous Owner Madness right here.  Though I sympathize with the realtor - it is really hard to get a good photo of this room!  

As you can see, it's mostly the same as when we first moved it, just emptier and dustier.

I think it used to be a Thing to paint rooms dark colors like this, but this Spinach color has to go. It's sucking the life right out of this room. 
By the way, eagle eyes will notice that this room, too, has swirly ceilings.   They will be the death of me...


Those test paint splotches are funny.  At our housewarming party (back in '07, lordy), my friend Paul made some smartass remark about how "people who have houses" and how testing paints like that is a sure way to jinx your progress and they'd probably be there for years to come.  I told him to shut it at the time, but clearly there was some truth to it.  Touche, friend.

So, here we go.  This is one of those projects that is sure to take forever, since I'm mostly squeezing in painting time during Adelaide's weekend naps or when she's watching the Steelers with Ben. But so far I've got the dropcloth taped down, the trim on the windows is done, and one of the walls is primed. Not bad!

PS: Nicole has a great tutorial on painting if you're looking for tips and new tricks. 

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dulcie said...

Woo! Painting fun. So did you pick a color?

I too am thinking about throwing some big ol' swatches up onto our walls and I'm really scared that I could be looking at them for some time. Eek.