Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Guest Room Hijinks - Part II

For previous entries on this room, check out the Before photos, and Phase I.

We're chin-deep in incredibly last-minute guest room makeovers (guests arrive in four days (shit! guests arrive in four days!)). Which means that finally, finally, we are squaring off against the stupid guest room with the swirly ceilings. I started priming and skim-coating in September of 2007, and sanded the first coat in October. Then it sat dormant for a long time - until spring maybe, when I half-heartedly started a second skim coat. I hate this project, I really do. but not nearly as much as I hate shiny swirly ceilings.

Man, I just don't get it.

So Ben and I both laid into the ceiling, using the same crappy leftover joint compound that I started with, watering it down and making the most of it. Our arms got tired, the joint compound took a long time to get all the lumps out, it was late... not a fun time. But we persevered and eventually the ceiling was covered.

Then it came time for sanding. Sanding f@#*ing blows. I tried a pole sander and it just made me flail and curse. I settled for blindly running the hand sander over an area and then touching up with 120 sandpaper by hand. My goggles fogged up and even with my mask I was hacking like a lung patient. So I'd take them off and get dust in my eyes and down my throat and that sucked, too. Sanding f@#*ing blows.

And here's what the room looked like:
What a mess.

And here's what I looked like. Dazed, bloodshot, and pretty much pissed off at the entire world. What a mess.

But it was done. Finally done. Last night we vacuumed and cleaned and cleaned and vacuumed, swapped the plastic sheeting on the floor, and got ready for painting. I put one coat of primer up on the ceiling and collapsed.

But hey - check out this cool room that's hiding underneath all the dust and cursing. I forgot how pretty the floors are, how awesome the hearth is, and what an overall pleasant space this room is. Tonight we're starting to paint the walls (Behr Pale Lichen, we think), then it's just:
  • paint the trim
  • reattach outlet boxes, shades and hardware
  • clean it (gahh, dust)
  • furnish it (Hello, Ikea!)


Jason said...

How much would you hate me if I tried to guilt you into stripping the trim instead of repainting it? Because I've got an online petition all ready to launch.

Kristen said...

Ugh, dude I know. They'd be way better stripped. The mantle, too. But they're already painted and we are out of time, so I think that stripping is getting tossed in the pile of Someday When We Have Time.

elaine said...

It looks AWESOME. Knuckle bumps to the both of you.

I think you're on to something here. Nothing motivates like guests.

Did you get my email re recs for plumber, contractor, etc?