Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A visit from Critter Control

So, it turns out that ignoring a squirrel problem does not make it go away. Go figure.

Sure, we knew there were squirrels. We knew where they were getting in and approximately where they were hanging out. But it wasn't until last week, when they started regularly waking us up by loudly chewing on our home that we finally took some action. (We are lazy, lazy, people.)

If I had known how great Critter Control was going to be, I would have called months ago. This morning a very nice guy showed up and he and his partner inspected our whole exterior, made a list of not only where the squirrels were getting in, but also other potential problem areas, gave us quotes for fixing the structural issues, and set traps. All in 40 minutes.

Here, squirrel squirrel!

They'll come back every day to check traps until they catch the buggers. Then they stuff the holes with newspaper. If the newspaper is disturbed the next day, more traps. If not, they'll fix the holes (if we want) and guarantee them for a year. They told me it can take one to two weeks to fix a Squirrel Problem, so our Thanksgiving guests will probably still have a squirrel alarm clock while they're here, but at least it's a start.


Jason said...

Good luck! I'm 95% sure I solved our minor critter problem by scaring them all outside and filling the hole in our eaves with expandable foam, but that leaves a 5% chance that they're still up there, quietly plotting a way to take back the house (probably by filling our front door with expandable foam of their own).

kate said...

Critter control also saved my life. :) This is a very late comment.

Kristen said...

Hi Kate! YES! You were the one that convinced me to call! Incredible service.