Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Guest Room - before

Life Outside the House has been a pain in the butt distraction lately. Buckets of joint compound don't grow on trees though, so I can't complain too much. To motivate me to get back to blogging, here are some Before photos from the guest room, one of the projects we're working on right now. JUST WAIT until you see the Afters. Your mind, it will be blown.

This is, overall, probably one of the less offensive rooms. Tasteful color combinations, good light, pretty view. I don't have a photo of it all decked out for guests - this is about halfway through a project I was working on - the dusty floor should be a hint. Please notice the swirly ceiling and say a prayer for me.

This is probably my favorite fireplace in the house. It's the only one with an original insert and I like the mini subway tile. This room also boasts two closets!

The hearth does need a little work, though. A little scrubbin' and a little patchin' is in order.

The PO's were all psyched about finding these original wall markings under old wall paper. They had frames hanging around these two white squares.
This says "White ... Mahog Doors"

And this is..... yeah, I dunno. Graffiti?

So that's pretty cool. Wait till you see what we've been doing to it though! Ooooh! you will swoon!

Not to mention what's been going on downstairs in the Kitchen-Den area... Teaser!


Sandy & Michael said...

lol at the PO's framing of meaningless scribbles :)

It's a good thing buckets of joint compound don't grow on trees though, I imagine we would hear of multiple fatalities each year from the buckets falling down.

The fireplace is really neat looking. Is the mantle original? I wasn't sure because it looked like an unusual width.

Looking forward to the after photos, although I have high expectations of awesomeness after this post!


Derek said...

I think most wallpaper has markings like that underneath, ours just had the dimensions for each area of wall. I can't imagine framing it though.

Dulcie said...

oh, oh, oh.... you are such a tease!

I am way jealous that you guys have fireplaces in your bedrooms. That is so romantic. Want.

Anna said...

Wow, I love that fireplace!
That's the one thing I miss in our house, no fireplaces at all. I definitely go green with envy...