Friday, September 14, 2007

Four New Bathroom Updates

I was going to show some of the During shots of work going on in the guest room, but instead I'm going to string you along a little bit longer. I have this image of being able to post the whole process start-to-finish and it's just too tantalizing to let go of - I might actually finish it this weekend!

Instead, here are some of the other updates we've made to the Bathroom. Just a few little touches that actually do make a world of difference. (Here are some Before pictures for reference.)

1) New light fixtures! These are probably the nicest thing we've added to the house so far. They're Mercer sconces from Pottery Barn. We we lucky enough to have some gift cards, so all we had to pay was shipping ($20)! Installing them was a snap; easier with two people though - I held the flashlight while Ben put Wire A into Coupler B.

Here they are on either side of the mirror. I like the shadows they make.

2) A glass shelf over the terlet. It doesn't hold much, pretty much just our toothbrushes, but it looks so nice. Ben hung it level, but you can tell that it's out of line with the crooked wall tiles. Hehe.
3) A Toilet Paper Holder!! Every time I use the toilet paper now, I feel like a queen! No more windowsill storage for us!

4) Speaking of clearing the windowsill - here's our shower caddy. It needed special attaching mechanisms because we've got one of those big sunflower showerheads and it wouldn't sit like it should.

So it's attached in two places with a bracket and these layered stainless washers:
And at the top with this bracket-screw-nut thingamajiggy. The caddy rotates a little left to right, but otherwise it's solid. And so much better than keeping your body wash on the windowsill.


Dulcie said...

What a difference lighting can make... and accessories. Nice! I wish I had a gift certificate to Pottery Barn. Woe is me.

The Litter Box House said...

Nice, girl! But I think you need to change your subtitle on this site to: Warning: I'm a tease...