Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Baking with a tiny helper

Making her first pot of tea, standing on a chair, and helping bake... so many firsts on one day! 

This stage of toddlerhood between baby and tantrum-thrower (don't get me wrong, she knows how) is really wonderful - maybe my favorite so far.  Adelaide just wants to learn and experience and get her fingers in everything.  She doesn't want a baby spoon, she wants a real spoon.  We try to accommodate her as often as we can, and in this case that meant accepting the giant flour and egg mess that was made while baking.  It meant a few ice cubes in the teapot.  It meant batter-caked hands...and cheeks...and dress... 

But she's so happy when she's got a task, an important job to do. And I can relate to that.  We can help make that happen, kiddo. 


Sara said...

I loved this age too! And I find that even now in the midst of the tantrum-y "MIME!" stage, our days are so much happier, although much less productive, when J works with me. Late pregnancy caused us to fall into some bad habits in that regard, though, so it's something we are working on anew. Today we folded washcloths, and wow was he pleased with himself.

Kate H. said...

That second picture is a classic. Beautiful child, beautiful room, beautiful shot.