Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Guest Room Hijinks - Part DONE!!

Click here for Before shots, and to see Part I and Part II ...

Well, it's done.
Even though we are rocking almost 100% Ikea in this room, it's pretty cozy, if I do say so myself.
(the quilt was a wedding gift. everything else has a funny swedish name....)

In the end, we didn't like the Lichen color we had chosen and made a spontaneous close-your-eyes-and-point kind of choice for this color.

It's bolder than usual for us (these photos make it look a bit tamer than in person), but we're in love with it. This room feels at once energizing and relaxing, which is pretty ideal for a guest room, right?

We decided not to paint the mantel, since we'd like to strip it someday. I think it blends in alright for now. And I love what the punchy blue does for the fireplace insert.

Do you know what the best part is? We can leave the door to this room open now! It's no longer full of dust and plastic, and it's even bunny-proofed.

Thank you to those of you who were pestering us to finally get this project done.
Thank you Lowe's for being open until 10pm.
And thank you to our incredible families who traveled far to stay with us.

I hope it was cozy!


Jason said...

I really like the stripped doors with white trim. I've been thinking about going the other direction on our second floor (white doors with stripped trim), but now I have to rethink this whole enterprise. Fortunately (or unfortunately, as it were), everything is painted right now, so I'm not committed one way or the other.

Elaine said...

Beautiful! Congrats on reaching the finish line.

Jason said...

Also - the bed frame is very nice. Is it really from Ikea? (I'm going to go back and read the previous posts now, so my apologies if its a family heirloom that you already wrote about!)

Kristen said...

Thanks guys!

Yeah, the bedframe is Lillesand, from Ikea, but we actually bought it via craigslist.

Sandy & Michael said...

I love how it turned out! And the color reminds me very much of our guest room, although for some reason I can't remember the name!

Kudos for keeping up the work, it's so hard. We had a huge blitz in August and then haven't really done anything until this month, since we're now slightly modifying the guest room into a nursery.


Prisca said...

Did you get your bed at IKEA? This looks exactly like the one I want from their catalog!

What a pretty color!


Dulcie said...

Oh, I love this room! So airy and fab. Love the light fixture. I need to take some pics of the guest room that we just redid.

Are you going to find out the sex of your baby-to-be? Sounds like we're on a similar timeline. I'm due on August 23rd. Do you have plans afoot for a nursery?