Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow Day

Well, good morning!

I was planning to work from home today anyway, but a sticky coating of snow just makes the whole experience even better.

Coffee, couch, winter wonderland... pretty sweet.

I was typing on the couch ...under a down blanket ...with the fireplace going... and Jackpot joined me for an apple.

Mind you, as cute as our rabbits are, they do not like to be cuddled. Heead scratches, sure, but lap bunnies they are not. Except when you want to share your apple.

So I typically exploit Jackpot's apple-love and momentarily pretend like he's in my lap because he likes me. Today I even filmed him. Sick, right?

By the way, that's Ellen on in the background (Dude, Ellen is awesome!). I love working from home.

So what happens when I take the apple away? Well, the love ends pretty quickly.

Still love ya, JP.

Have a good weekend! I hope it's full of fluffy, cozy things like snowdrifts, down blankets, and small furry critters that are only in it for the treats.

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