Monday, December 15, 2008

Holidays: It's on.

The Schmichmas '08 season officially began this weekend, when we bought our tree. The hippie tree farmer that sold it to us told us that it's a hybrid between a fraser fir and a balsam. It's soft and smells lovely, so that must be a good thing. We started decorating Saturday night with cocoa while It's A Wonderful Life was on and finished Sunday morning over coffee and Meet the Press. (You know I'd never watched It's A Wonderful Life from start to finish? It's a really good movie! duh, right?)

We are attempting to make as many of our Christmas gifts as we can this year, and after I finish one last $#%* presentation for school/work, I am ready for some full-blown Holiday Cheer (tm). With marshmallows.


Jason said...

When you buy a tree from a hippie tree farmer, do you pay in hugs, donations to OxFam, or promises of future good deeds?

Kristen said...