Monday, October 27, 2008

Something old, new, borrowed and blue

We finally got rid of the old disgusting behemoth fridge that was taking up too much space in the scullery. Please say hello to the Kenmore Elite 22.6 cubic feet side by side counterdepth refrigerator with PureSource Water Filtration in stainless steel:

Sigh. We're in love. We bought this while Sears was having a sale a few weeks back, and purposefully set the delivery date for this weekend so we'd have enough time to finish off some work in the Kitchen-Den, but also a hard deadline for completing the work.

Here's the Kitchen back in July '07:

Our old Chambers stove (sold to a nice couple from upstate NY!) was still around, as was the wall oven (still sitting in our living room!) and the dirty old wood floors (redone!) and in this photo you can see the offending fridge, too.

Our plan has always been to move the fridge out the Den to free up the scullery space for more countertop. Plus with the fridge out of the way, the view into the scullery would open up, making the two spaces feel more cohesive.

Ben disassembled the built-in in that housed the wall oven a while back, and a few larger holes were left over. Now that we'd finally ordered the fridge, it was time to patch, prime and paint.

Painting (Behr Liberty):

And the big reveal:
Quite nice. And we were right about how it opens up both spaces. So much better.

On the downside, this particular model was damaged when it was delivered. Sears was incredible cool, though, and let us use this one until a replacement gets delivered next week.

They also took away our old one. This guy:
Oh my god, I still hate it so much.

You are disgusting, fridge.

Look at all the space that's freed up! The room feels huge now. Still gross, but huge.
(Before Thanksgiving, we might slap a coat of primer on it.)

This was one of those projects that was totally rejuvenating, not just to the space, but to us, too. We spend a LOT of time in this room, and it finally is starting to feel the way we want it to. Plus we're excited to finish some more cosmetic projects.

(The new space in action: Sunday morning omelets!)


Elaine said...

Hellooooo, Kenmore Elite 22.6 cubic feet side by side counterdepth refrigerator with PureSource Water Filtration in stainless steel!!!

Congrats on this lovely reveal. Looking good!

Omar said...

wow -- I love that color against the wood trim. The room looks reaally nice.

Kristen said...

Fridge says Hi back, Elaine!

Omar, thank you SO much. We really agonize over color choices, so I'm happy we managed to pull this one off.