Friday, October 17, 2008

The Checkered Room

Oh, the Checkered Room. A pit of 90s nostalgia. Oy.

While I show you these photos, I need to show off how much work I did in cleaning it out. Here's the Checkered Room Before:

I guess you can't really see much since all our shit's in the way. In the Great Purge of '08, I sorted through all that junk and gave away most of it. Then I crammed what was left into the closet.

Not bad, huh? It's cool, though because Jackpot helped out. Here he is pushing his old cage over to the corner: That'll do, J.P. That'll do.

Anyway, you get the idea: white walls, black splatters, black and turquoise trim, checkered floors... oh, and this:


Like I said, this was a teenaged daughter's room, and apparently when she and her friends were done spattering, they painted their zodiac signs on this wall. THAT is a huge scorpion.

So now that it's clutter-free, I'm going to work on turning this:

Into something approximating this:

(photo via Small Space Style)

Dude, I know. It's like a teen makeover movie right outta the same decade. If only it were as easy as taking off her glasses and putting her in a low-cut prom dress.

But you can see it, right? That little alcove by the window is screaming for a "reading chair," and I've already been scouring Craigslist for an old iron twin bed. And if the floors under those cheapo tiles are trashed, I think this would be the perfect room to try a painted floor in.

But first, we're gonna need a LOT of primer...


Wanderluster said...

I can totally picture where you're going with this. Its going to look lovely. Love the litle alcove.

Elaine said...

Ooooh. I totally see it. When you're done, the room is gonna get the cute, popular prom date.