Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Third Floor

We are hosting our first Thanksgiving at the Schack this year, with 4 members of the Oregon crew and 2 from the Eastern PA/NYC camp. We're really excited to have everyone in one spot for the holidays (the Schack was made for holidays!), but uh... well, we're going to have to find places to put all these people!

In addition to finishing the 2nd floor guest room, we're also going to be focusing on the two very fun, cozy bedrooms on the third floor where the daughters of the previous owners lived while they were teenagers.

The first room faces the front yard and is painted a soft pink, sponged over with a soft yellow. That sounds nasty, but it's kind of sweet. The ceiling is all slope-y and low, and the light in there is just amazing. I really like spending time in that room, and while we're still working on the 2nd floor guest room (dude, seriously... not even funny how long I'm dragging that one out..), it has become our default guest room. It's nice and private, if a bit sparse.

With a fresh coat of paint and a few pieces of furniture, this room will be pretty easy to whip into shape. Right, Lion-o?

But then there's The Checkered Room. Ohhhh.... The Checkered Room... well, let's just say it deserves its own post. be continued...

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