Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Workshop.

It has been a long time since I've shown updated photos of the workshop.
Our kitchen-den is part of an addition that the previous owners put on the house many years ago. The workshop is the room underneath the kitchen that is attached to the basement and opens up onto the stone patio.

A big aim of ours for this summer is (yikes: was?) to finish off the workshop: install a french door, finish the windows and exterior and insulate the crap out of it. Because as you might have deduced, with the workshop wide open to the elements and it's position directly underneath the Den/Kitchen, and there not being a speck of insulation to speak of... well, we had a pretty chilly winter.

Now, the addition isn't totally without a heat source. The previous owner rigged up a radiant heat system to heat the floor.
See that red tube? It's connected to a water heater on the other side of the stone (formerly exterior) wall and snakes its way around the ceiling, ie, the Kitchen/Den floor. Its power source is a bare wire shoved into an extension cord and half-secured with duct tape. So we don't use it.

The rest of our plan is to properly insulate the walls, then cover them with beadboard and paint; something rustic, simple, clean. We are also lusting after a tin ceiling, which I think would be just great in this garden-adjacent room. So far the cheapest option for that-- cheaper than Craigslist or ebay, even -- has been this site, but even then materials and shipping for a ~10x18 ft room are around $500. Someday, maybe.
For now, the workshop is essentially a glorified potting and storage shed. Here you can see a bunch of orphaned doors and trim, our kickass lawnmower, garden supplies, and seat cushions. See those two glass doors to the left? The POs intended to install those as doors to the patio. We would use them, but they're pretty ugly and we're not sure our skill level is up to hanging our own doors (we'll probably go with a pre-hung set).

It's already starting to feel like Fall here (noooo!) so we're hoping to get this done soon. Otherwise I'll have to buy a sheep and take up knitting.


Jason said...

I keep noticing things in the background of your photos that I love - like that buffet with The Nation's Longest Bottom Drawer.

But I suppose the previous owner made it out of logs from Abraham Lincoln's original house or something. Sigh.

Omar said...

Ooh I envy the workshop -- I wish I had more room for house project stuff. I don't necessarily want to be outside to do them & I'm too lazy to install a shed in the backyard..