Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jackson the Rooster and other chickens

Jackson is a rooster chick that my mom is raising. He is a gorgeous barred frizzle bantam cochin (say it five times fast!) and I'm totally in love with him. When I got to visit my parents and their chickens (and dogs and cat!) this summer, Jackson and I bonded and I took this very dignified portrait of him sitting in the dutch door of the chicken house. (What, don't all chicken coops have dutch doors?) If Jackson were not a rooster and therefore prone to crowing he would probably have "accidentally" "followed us home" from my parents' house.

In fact, I would LOVE to follow in my mom's footsteps and keep a few urban chickens in our backyard. Putting yard logistics aside, Pittsburgh city law says you're allowed 5 pets total, so we could get up to 3 and still call them "pets" (a professor in my department did this, much to the chagrin of his uppity neighbors). I think one of our neighbors could be plied with free eggs, but the other might be more difficult to convince... But check out some of my mom's other chickens; aren't they gorgeous?

UPDATE: Are we trendy or what?


Mariafer said...

Great Pictures!!

Jason said...

I don't think that last one is a chicken. Maybe some sort of throw pillow? I don't know who told you it was a chicken, but you got duped.