Monday, June 01, 2009

The Studio

Posting about the "final" guest room made me realize that I never posted the After shots of the second-to-the-last guest room we fixed up. Known previously as "The Checkered Room" or "The Room Full of Junk" or "The Room With The Giant Scorpion on The Wall," we now tenderly refer to it as "The Studio."

Here's a pretty gnarly Before:

With an appropriately charming After:

Pretty freakin' cute, huh? The quilt-top on the bed was made by my great-grandmother. You should see the insanely tiny, perfect little Swiss-old-lady stitches.

Originally we were going to put a little bed in the nook right by the window, but it was November and the cheap windows are kind of drafty. Instead we're thinking a comfy reading chair and a small bookshelf.

The floors are still covered in stick-on black and white tiles, but we're not quite ready to tackle taking them off and dealing with what's lying underneath. Hopefully the floors are as cool as in the other third-floor room, but you never know.

And this is our makeshift door until we figure out who the lucky winner is that gets to fit, strip, and refinish one of the doors that's gathering mold in the basement. It's just a canvas drop cloth that has cute ribbon tied through its grommets and around a spring-loaded curtain rod. It does the trick.


Elaine said...

Pretty freakin' cute is right!

Laura said...

these cosy pictures make me want to come back and nap!

Jennifer said...

It's really cute. I actually like the floor tiles... maybe a cute solid colored rug would really accent them?

shutters said...

I love the light in the room and in the photos. I think you have done wonders with the room. I am now inspired to go home and get stuck into my spare room!

Omar said...

Wow, that looks great! I wish I had a walk up attic.. :(

Wildacre said...

Sweet and clean lines in the walls- Is there a bunny under the bed?