Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Project Update: TV table

Way back, we bought a cute table from L.L. Bean's Cottage Collection. They didn't have the green one in stock then (and told us it would never be back in stock...hrmph) , so we bought the sand color and decided to paint it ourselves. (Whoa - it looks like L.L. doesn't carry this anymore? They must have updated it to this version. Also cute!)

After sitting in the box for months and then being half-painted for months, I finally finished it!So, I did a pretty sloppy job of painting this. I didn't prime or sand, just slapped 2 or 3 coats of a semi-gloss latex paint on there. I was going to put a coat of urethane on it, but then didn't. Despite that, I actually think it turned out pretty well. It's down in the front room, dutifully holding up our TV.

I got all revved up about finishing a project and immediately, stupidly, grabbed the table the TV had been sitting on...

...and started sanding it, with the goal of restaining it a darker color.

Too bad I forgot how messy, noisy, and slow sanding is. Blech. I guess the guest room retains its title of The Room of Unfinished Projects.


Jason said...

Love that brightly-painted Maine cottage stuff - such a nice alternative to dark wood, especially when the weather gets cold and dismal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lead. We need a corner unit that is simple and better made, so I'll be looking into the LL Bean stuff.