Friday, June 06, 2008

Salvaged Cabinets

Last Saturday, we took a little roadtrip to Cleveland, OH, to visit a man named John who re-claims cabinets, countertops, and old hardware from old schools and offices, and who specializes in laboratory salvage. We met him at his warehouse was huge and awesome and full of gorgeous old oak cabinets that he's been collecting and reselling semi-professionally for 12 years.

Ben showed him the sketches of our layout ideas for the kitchen and scullery, and he showed us the various sizes and drawer permutations that might work.

We are so excited. The cabinets are in awesome shape overall, and he's selling them for an absolute song. So for less than an Ikea kitchen, we're going to get pre-assembled, vintage, solid wood cabinets that are from a lab. Awesome!

I asked John if his whole house was full of old lab cabinets and without hesitation he said, oh yeah, absolutely. This picture is from his kitchen. Gorgeous!

Here's a link to his website, which is also where all of the photos in this post came from.


Corey said...

Now those are AWESOME. Seriously.

Kristen said...

Thanks, Corey - we're really excited.

Omar said...

Very cool -- I bet it feels like high school chemistry all over again. :)

Amy said...

If those came with a Mr. Kiick, I might consider installing them...all over my body!

But seriously, those are really really awesome.

Kristen said...

We tried to get a Kiick to go with the cabinets, but they only had the 1992 post-second-retirement version, and we're holding out for the 1979 pre-first-retirement version. Complete with brass button'ed jacket, of course.

Anonymous said...

wow, they are beautiful... can i ask you a couple of questions? what wood is it? are they well made? and what sort of pricing was it? thanks.