Monday, May 12, 2008

Ikea Rules

We were visiting friends in Chicago this weekend and among the many fantastic conversations about life, home-ownership, family, kids, jobs, and dishwasher maintenance, at some point we commiserated about the desire to buy nice furniture from the likes of Pottery Barn, but running back to Ikea with open arms after being thoroughly depressed by PB prices.

So thank goodness Ikea introduces new things from time to time and that not all of them are weird plastic modern pieces. I've been kind of enchanted by their new Hemnes stuff lately that has a cool cottage-y vibe to it. Observe:

Hemnes bedside table, $100. Straight outta Maine Cottage, isn't it?

Hemnes linen cabinet, $300.

Hemnes bedside table, $50. Way better than $200.

The painted furniture thing is tricky, though. I like all three of these, but you can't really put them in the same room, you know? Likewise, I wouldn't have an all-yellow or all-red bedroom ensemble. All the same, they sure are charming, especially if you live in a house like the Schack with funky-fresh cottage action.


Jennifer said...

Those are nice... I haven't looked at IKEA in a while. (There's not one within a day's drive of us!).

I wonder if those are online orderable?

Living Room Furniture said...
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mudda3 said...

You are too generous to IKEA for putting their furniture in the same category as Maine Cottage! But thanks for thinking of us too. If it's all about price, then IKEA does rule.

Maine Cottage Furniture

design for mankind. said...

Oooooh, love your picks! :)

Kristen said...

[I thought I posted this comment ages ago.. Blogger hiccup?]

Jennifer - In the past, I've had pretty shabby luck ordering from Ikea online. If you decide to take the plunge, be prepared!

Living Room Furniture (?): Are you spam? Because that's weird.

mudda3: I'm blushing. I feel like someone just caught me putting Velveeta on the fancy cheese plate. I love Maine Cottage and I know it's better than Ikea. It's beautiful. And as soon as I rob my first bank, I'll own a LOT of it. Thanks for leaving a comment!

Why hello, Erin from design for mankind! Your blog is fantastic. Thanks for leaving a comment on mine.