Monday, May 05, 2008

Gardening fantasies

This link from this blog led me to this website, which is chock-full of helpful advice and gorgeous pictures of gardens.

Speaking of that original link, isn't this just the perfect little potting shed? We're thinking of using some similar elements when we finish up the workshop. Whitewashed beadboard, maybe a tin ceiling, lots of shelves with helpful pots and crates. I wish I could snap my fingers and make it so.

Our own garden is not so picture-perfect these days. How is it possible that it's only the first week in May and we're already behind in keeping up with the overgrowth?


Sandy & Michael said...

The shed is very cute! But that poppytalk blog, oh my gosh, I had never seen it before, and now I can't stop looking at it. Thanks for link! I really want something interesting to hang in our living room now that it is 90% done :)


Elaine said...

Hello there, fellow Pittsburgher! Just a quick note for introductions and kudos on your lovely blog. Funny posts, beautiful design inspiration.... and boy howdy, I'm finding your hardwood-floor posts very reassuring (been dreading that)! I'll be back for more, for schure!

Kristen said...

Sandy - Poppytalk is great, isn't it? While we were being super lazy this winter, I got into reading "design" blogs and now I can't stop.

Hi Elaine! It's great to meet a fellow 'burgher. Pittsburgh is like the country's best kept secret, no? We're in Squirrel Hill, but when we were house-shopping, I was sure we'd end up in Highland Park. It's a great neighborhood. Re: hardwood floors, don't let people scare you. If you are careful and go slow, it's not that bad. Filthy and time-consuming, but not bad.