Monday, April 28, 2008

Hibernation is Over

It's finally warm and sunny, the semester is almost done, and I can feel our momentum building. Ben was out and about this weekend, mowing the lawn, changing a flat tire, sweeping the porch. I dabbled when I could (still a week to go for me) with cleaning the porch swing, weeding the flower beds, baking cookies, etc. We are, as always, alternately inspired and daunted, but I have a good feeling about the coming months.

I'm ready for:
* bright colors
* smooth surfaces
* fresh coats of paint
* Barbecues
* beers on the porch swing
* flowers, flowers, flowers


Sandy & Michael said...

I feel you on the conflicting feelings about the house! Unfortunately something about the winter does bring out the more overwhelmed lazy feelings, but now that Spring is really here it is somehow easier to get motivated.

Love all the photos! Good luck finishing out the semester.


Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

you have a BEAUTIFUL front yard!