Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Wants.

I've got a bad case of the Wants. Between the onset of Christmas Shopping and a fierce dose of cold-weather nesting, I've got a Gimme-Gimme list a half mile long. I think this is even further impacted by our not being able to work on the house lately. Buying just feels like instant progress, you know? So gratifying when you don't have time to address the big projects.

And check out how nest-y my list is, too. It's borderline frivolous for someone who should be way more worried about dealing with the giant door-less gaping hole in their basement than what kinds of pictures to hang in the not-yet-completed (crap!) guest room. (Horse, then cart! Horse, then cart!!)

  • Some day, we're going to get a red slipcover for the loveseat in the Den from Bemz.While we're at it --and already paying a buttload for shipping from Sweden -- we're going to get new covers for our two little armchairs in Moss and Gold. Which are not as assy looking in person, I promise.

They'll go in the Front Room, which, with all the maps and dark trim and strong colors, is turning out to be quite the Dignified Man Room (I don't know what's up with all my Capitalization... I'm just going with it). I'm cool with that. It suits the room quite nicely. We can kick back in our smoking jackets with a cigar and talk about the stock market or something.

  • I have been looking for pillows for that red couch for a while now and haven't been able to find anything good. I'm thinking something light blue-ish because I love the combination of cherry red and sky blue. But everything is so MUCH these days - busy fabrics, beads, silk, pricey; ugh, so not us. I actually really like these from the Purl Bee Blog.

Which has led me to buy this book with the foolish notion that I will finally learn to sew. I mean, I didn't do so bad with the porch pillows, right? And it's just a pillow. Too bad finding the right fabric is way harder than I thought... Maybe I'll do patchwork pillows like this one from Lisa Congdon. God, that is so outside my realm of expertise, it's embarrassing to even suggest it.

  • Pottery Barn's line of red furniture makes us both positively drool, and every time I see it, I think, NO! I'm not paying that much for a simple table! I'll find one on Craigslist and paint it! And then off to CL I go to hunt for something even marginally as cool as the PB furniture. It's a vicious and largely unproductive cycle.

  • I've also been scouring The List of Craig for other stuff. My major search is for
(1) a dresser for the guest room:

I like these in particular because they have mirrors. I think that's a key thing to have in the guest room of a house with one bathroom, don't you? That way Aunt Gertie isn't making Uncle Clem pee in the sink while she ties up the bathroom putting on makeup and resetting her curlers. I hate it when that happens.

(2) paintable furniture for the porch:

Actually, I'm in talks with the owner of that green chair. Dear god, what is it about those chairs? I go all jiggly-legged over them. And if it's really as nice as it looks in the photo, I wouldn't paint that. We like green.

  • And what's up with me and Etsy lately? I'm hooked. I want to put these in the Office/Bunny Room when we're done with it. These are all from badbird's shop.

I don't even care if these send me hurtling into Crazed Rabbit Owner territory, I can't resist.

So how great is it going to be when we can freely feather without the guilt of unfinished projects and unpadded bank accounts? How awesome will it be to see a room completely finished and photo-spread worthy? And exactly how long is this going to take?


Ellen said...

I've also discovered the Cult of Amy Butler, and own the same book, from which I've made....nothing. Unless you count the little fabric scarf thingy, which I don't, really.

I've taken to making simple A-line skirts out of the fun fabrics, because nothing really looks that bad with a black shirt and black tights. I'm a little nervous about Serious Sewing, though.

Have you been to JoAnn's or something similar to look through all of their home dec fabric swatches? They'll special order anything, and you can do it when they're having their 50% off sale.

Kristen said...

Yikes, I know! I just want to make the simple stuff like placemats and pillows, but I get so paralyzed with indecision!

How do all those crafty women do it?

I might start going through our old-clothes bags for starter scraps. THAT is how cheap I am. :)