Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our new sink!

Last weekend we drove out to Easton, PA to visit my parents, and while we were out in that neck of the woods, we picked up a lovely cast iron bathroom sink that we bought on ebay.

Isn't it great?! It was $25. Can you believe that? We've been looking at a porcelain reproduction that's $400. It has some minor rust and some stains in the basin, but I think those will come out with a little BKF and TLC, and otherwise it's in great shape. This weekend we're going to attempt to install it, as well as this new faucet (Fairfax by Kohler).


Sandy & Michael said...

what a great deal! very cool :) I really like the faucet too - until we started to consider options I never knew it could be so hard to choose a faucet! We still haven't chosen one, but since we'll probably be ready to start installing the fixtures in a few weeks I guess we better get on that.


StuccoHouse said...

Very nice!

Anna said...

Very nice sink and what a bargain! The faucet will also look great with it, I'm sure!

Carter-Ann said...

Gret deal! I like the taps. I finally washed out our new/old sink and it was very nice.

Dulcie said...

Dang it. Everyone is getting a sweet new pedestal sink except for us. 25 bucks is amazing!! Well done.


(Doesn't that sound like the ultimate "old money" name? hee hee.)

becoming-home said...

oooh, I love that faucet too! I keep thinking I should have gotten a mini spread instead of centerset..:(