Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We rip things out.

Grr!!! Yarrgghh!! Could you hear our manly grunting last night? While I was talking to my sister and making some ice cream last night, Ben walked right up to the mug-shelf and yanked it off the wall.

I was beside myself with glee!!! I got off the phone and came to help.
"Let me get the camera!!!"
After a lot of hammering, chiseling and grunting, we got the mugshelf and its tophat shelf off the wall and safely hidden in the basement.

Here's the naked wall, which has one coat of white paint on it. Without all that stuff on the wall, the room feels much bigger, even if it is much uglier.

It's me! Here I am after delicately removing a piece of non-original molding from the original door trim.
And another, since pictures of me are rare.
"Hold up your trophy, I'll take a picture!"

...And this photo demonstrates why that's not a bad thing... What, you don't all do demo work in pink plaid skirts?

Ooh! There was also another revelation that really changes what we'll do with the kitchen. That ceiling? IT'S A FAKE!!! It's totally cheap panels and hollow moldings. What a rip-off!! And now that we know it's not original (in retrospect, of course it's not original) we hate it.

Here's a panel moved to the side... how much you want to bet that what's up there is horrifying?


Carter-Ann said...

Wow, isn't it satisfying ripping the stuff out!!?

We found some pretty weird stuff when we torn out our fake ceilings - oil coins, horse hair, porcelain etc...very odd.

Dulcie said...

Awesome. We have some serious ripping out to do (sledgehammering, maybe?) in our basement. Currently, it is too hot for that sort of brute strength.

We have a fake tin ceiling in our second bedroom, and I'm leaving it as is - I'll bet there are some stains or serious cracks up there. I'm going to live in blissful ignorance.

becoming-home said...

Oooh, I wanna know what's up there!!
Isn't ripping stuff out fun?

Them Country Folk: said...

Too funny -- I love the, "Wait, let me help -- and get the camera!" That is my favorite line, I must use it every day.

Anonymous said...

igiI would think twice about removing the tin ceiling - and even some of the fake paneling. I am pricing metal ceilings for my bedroom, in copper, from a-abbingdon.com, after buying copper backsplashes for my moms place, and after she used all the stuff for both of our places, for mine again. The backsplash isn't too bad, behind the range - a little over $100 in copper. For the bedroom, about 11 x 13 feet, I am looking at about $1700 for the ceiling, moldings, miters, nails, etc - though I would probably wait for a sale, check out ebay ---