Sunday, April 15, 2007


Our closing was originally set for 4/16, then got pushed back to 4/12 because of the Sellers' schedule. This was fine with us - as I mentioned in my last post, it would even coincide with my 25th birthday and handing in my Comprehensive Exam. And I am nothing if not a sucker for a good trifecta.
The trifecta was foiled, though, by a slight delay, pushing our closing back to 4/16. As it turns out, the appraiser gave his (her?) estimate contingent upon the $3K or so worth of necessary structural work that showed up during the inspection and that we were receiving a credit for. So at the last minute our bank required us to have this work done before closing. It was a big mess for about 36 hours, but thankfully it only set us back to our original closing and hey! the work is all done now! It's amazing to think of all of the people we've come in contact with - realtor, mortgage broker, inspector, contractor, insurance agent, sellers, etc. - all working seemingly behind the scenes to make the transaction come together.
So tomorrow we'll get up early and head to the bank and almost all of our money into a cashiers check. We have a walk-through at 11:00 and the closing is at 1:00. And then we'll be homeowners!
Life is on the brink of a rather dramatic change. For now, we're surrounded by cardboard and dust-bunnies, frantically (okay, not that frantically) wrapping up academic projects and packing when we can. It's outrageous how much STUFF we've managed to accumulate living in one place for just under three years. We should have a yard sale. After all, we'll actually have a yard soon.

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