Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hello! This is the first post.

The House: Our first. It's a classy brick foursquare with a big front porch and lots of weird and awesome little details, thanks to the loving previous owners. It was built in 1910 in a Pittsburgh neighborhood called Squirrel Hill that is nice enough that we never imagined we could afford anything worthwhile in it. Sure, there are lots of little and not-so-little projects to keep us busy (like putting a lock on the front door...) but it's a good house with loads of character.

Us: A grad student and a Private Investigator, recently married with two rabbits. We're both generally handy and have light-to-moderate experience with construction and home renovations, but this will be our first big project as homeowners.

The closing has recently been moved up to April 12th, which also happens to be my birthday. Then we'll move in the weekend of April 21st (right after I finish my Comps...).

Some pictures:
The Front Porch:

Part of the addition & kitchen:

Back stairs to the kitchen (aka Cosby Stairs):

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Randy said...

Yunz want we bring Arthur out for a weekend for some wildlife management? He got 3 meeses last weekend....

love you both,