Thursday, November 20, 2008

SquirrelWatch '08

We got one.

Actually, we think we got two.

We checked the traps this morning, peering hopefully out of the 3rd floor window. We weren't sure -- after all, the Critter Control dude said it would take one week, probably two -- but then the trap closer to the window starting bopping around like crazy, and the plastic on the second trap is chewed in spots.

While we were both standing there, cheering our good luck, a third squirrel showed up, chattering like crazy, and stared straight at us. He approached the cages, then turned, and I swear to god, he looked right at us, advanced just enough to make an aggressive statement, and made a little fist. He shook his tiny squirrel fist at us. Then he ran off, presumably to gather his minions and stage a takeover. He was back seconds later, alone, and approached the cages again. Now I was starting to feel bad - he was clearly distressed at the plight of his trapped comrades! It was cold and snowing this morning, and oh! those poor little critters! we're breaking up their family! this is heartwrenching! he's so upset! he's... stealing the bait peanut. From his "fellow" squirrel. Who is trapped in a cage. Man, what a jerk.

So we don't feel so bad anymore. Squirrels are not nice. And Nature's a bitch. And we're bigger and it's our house.


Jennifer said...

I hate squirrels. Little tree rats. They eat ALL of our apples... one bite and throw them. Sigh.

Omar said...

LOL thanks for the laugh. :)

Kristen said...

Jennifer - Seriously!! They're such assholes!!

Omar - I almost fell over when little jerk shook his fist - it was unreal.

Anonymous said...

Nice post, made me smile! We are having some squirrel issues too, though they are not inside yet.

“A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit!” (--Carrie Bradshaw character, Sex and the City).

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elaine said...

You'll never believe this, but just 2 weeks ago at Handmade Arcade I bought a mouse pad with that exact same squirrel picture on it. I call him Squirrel, Esquire.

Though I'm generally pro-squirrel, I don't blame you for setting those traps. Some of those little guys are much much worse than lawyers.

Anonymous said...

lol. i'm sorry to laugh at your plight, but there is some empathy in my laughter. we have chipmunks (!) and mice, so i can sort of relate.

mouse traps don't work, by the way.