Monday, October 04, 2010


So it turns out that the only thing harder than completing house projects while caring for a baby is blogging about whatever project you might have finished...

That's if (and it's a big one) you actually finished something.

Even when they're industrious little imps who help with the weeding.

This space has been sadly neglected for quite some time - it's been about a year since I posted anything house-related. (Coincidentally the same age that Adelaide turned a few weeks ago!) It's been difficult enough to find time to work on the house, let alone document the projects. And that's a shame. If this blog served any purpose in our little life, it was nice to have evidence that we are, in fact, making progress. And progress is good! It's fabulous! It's just...hard.

But please don't think that I'm complaining. Oh. No, no, no.

Because if having Adelaide in our lives has taught us anything, it's that flexibility is also quite fabulous. And doing things together is much better than splitting ranks, even if it means adjusting your timeline or methods, or wearing a baby on your back.

So I guess what I'm saying is that I think I'd like to reclaim this little space, even if I don't strictly post about home renovations. I'd like to have a place to tell a few of our stories and stash what's going on with us these days, even if it doesn't (always) involve powertools. With Adelaide, life is messier and projects get done more slowly. But I guess that's just part of the story, for now.


Anonymous said...

boy, do i ever know what you're saying. i wish i could tell you that it gets easier as you become a more experienced parent, but i've done four babies now, and i can't really say that our ability to finish house projects is any better. we're really good at growing our list of desired projects, and/or starting projects and not finishing them, though. does that count?

it's really nice to see pictures of pittsburgh. miss that place. what a little doll baby you have! she's sweet!

Dulcie said...

Welcome back to blogging, lady. Your little girl is beautiful!
Dulcie (formerly of Hi-Fi Bungalow)

Kristen said...

Serina - All that you and your family do is so inspiring! We tell ourselves to "embrace the mess" all the time!

Dulcie - Hey! I see you are blogging again, too! And from a new house! Congratulations! How is Sylvie?