Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We made playdough!  There are scads of recipes on the internet, but I used these instructions, found via a tip from Auntie Leila. I halved the recipe and still had plenty for a rainbow of seven generous-meatball-sized balls. 

I think that I enjoyed making this even more than Adelaide liked poking it.  Kneading the food coloring into the still-warm dough was especially fun.  Adelaide didn't care much for the warm dough, but once it cooled, she had fun pinching and poking the doughballs and transferring them from one container to another.

I used too much oil and not enough cream of tartar when I made these, so they didn't last that long before they got kind of greasy and soggy.  But I've heard that (if you follow the directions properly) these will last in the fridge for a long long time. 


Sara said...

Joseph and I did this a couple of weeks ago (with this recipe) - he particularly likes rolling it out and mashing it up with cookie cutters. Oh, and shaping it into tiny cubes and then stacking them up. Or rather having me shape it into tiny cubes. I just stuck the playdough in ziplock bags and it's still good.

Kristen said...

Sara, I was thinking of Joseph when we were playing! Good to hear that with proper execution, the recipe lasts a good long while.

Also, thanks for commenting and saving me the hassle (hah) of an "WHERE'S THE BABY??" email. :)

sarah said...

I'm not much for babies, but that kid is cute! Congrats - belatedly.