Monday, September 24, 2007

Lessons We Learned This Weekend.

1. Plumbing sucks.
2. A Sawzall can totally cut through copper pipe.
3. Sanding a skim-coated ceiling sucks.
4. A coat of urethane evens out a blotchy staining job.
5. Raw pork can liquefy when left to its own devices.

Life feels really blurry and messy lately and I hope it knocks it off so things can be fun again. We're looking forward to putting the Living-Kitchen back together, buying a new stove, and baking a pie and maybe some mac 'n' cheese. Until then, woosh, it's blurry.


Dulcie said...

Hey - they're using your photo from this post on the first page of We can be famous together! wooooooooo...

Kristen said...

Heee! Thanks for telling me, I hadn't noticed. (And they spelled Schmich wrong, too... not that it's all that uncommon.)

Randy Maynard said...

I didn't know you guys had a sawzall?!?!? But thats like using a bulldozer to plant a petunia! Fun! Like Tim "the Toolman" Taylor says, "MORE POWER UGH, UGH UGH!"
love you guys,

Sandy & Michael said...

Ahh the blurry life, I think that this is my blurry year. Hope things lighten up for you guys!