Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Green Kitchen?

Has Ben talked me into painted cabinets? Maybe. I'm not saying.

PS: These are all from this article at BH&G.


The Litter Box House said...

I tried to convince Jason to let me paint the cupboards as a temporary mental health solution in our kitchen. "Tried" is the key word.

I'm totally into the green kitchen idea. That's where I'm heading too. I saw Corian's Praire sample up close and personal and really liked the green mixed with brown.

Are you changing the countertops?

Dulcie said...

Very lovely photos. I especially like the one at the tip-top. Gorgeous!
We already have an abundance of green in our house.

Anna said...

I actually like the second and the forth a lot. Any decision taken yet?

Smurf House said...

I just talked my husband into this idea also, although we still have some tension over the exact shade of green. I want chartreuse. He says sage is better for resale. Phooey.

Di said...

The original cabinets in my kitchen look just like the ones in the top picture. We've been trying to visualize them as they'd look if we cleaned them up, since they were banished to the garage about 20 years ago by some PO. They're a hideous lime green color, and my imagination just wasn't enough. Thanks for posting that photo!