Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Party's Over...

I'm happy to report that Saturday's Housewarming Party was a lovely affair, attended by many of Pittsburgh's brightest and most charming young leaders of tomorrow.

Not really - it was a bunch of neuro-nerds and investigator weirdos. But it was a lot of fun! I was totally impressed with all the fun food and drink people brought along - creampuffs, homemade falafel, apple cake, and bottles and bottles of wine! We're going to have to have another party to drink all that wine!

My sister, Laura, was in town, and was the hugest help ever getting set up for the party. She made her famous empanadas which were a total hit. She came on errands and tolerated our neuroses and the lack of air conditioning like a champ. On Friday, she and I got to hang out with a few old friends that were in town, too - it was a great day. I forget how much I miss her until we're in the car together, zipping around with the radio on, laughing at whatever. There wasn't nearly enough porchswing time on this trip. Next time around, I promise!

{Pictures go here...eventually!}

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