Tuesday, July 31, 2007


"Bummer" is what my boss says whenever I come to him with a problem that cannot be remedied. So approximately once per week for the past 3 years he has shrugged his shoulders and pronounced, "Bummer." It used to really piss me off because I'd be really worked up about whatever the issue was and his Bummering felt like a brush off. But now with so many Bummers piled on Bummers, I think I get it: there's nothing to be done, so shrug it off and move on.

All a rather long way of saying we didn't really get a lot done this past weekend, even though we had the very best of intentions. Bummer. Dude, it was HOT. Too hot to write a full post... so here's a list.

Four things that suck:
1. Ikea didn't have the slipcover we wanted.
2. LL Bean didn't have the green corner unit we wanted. (*I should add: the green paint had "quality issues" so they pulled all the green stuff. We ordered it in Tan.*)
3. Mouse poop in the kitchen (cha-cha-cha).
4. Our house is a magnet for flies.

Four things that rule:
1. Our new reciprocating saw.
2. Our naked Ikea loveseat is being delivered today.
2a. The slipcover is coming by mailorder.
3. Mouse traps are cheap.
4. Homemade vanilla ice cream.

I guess we'll have to suck it up and work despite the heat at some point. But for now, I'm happy sitting in front of the fan and eating ice cream...

And here's Nugget's cute baby picture to distract you from how lazy we are:


The Litter Box House said...

Awwww....that's a great photo.

I didn't come home with much from Ikea this weekend (my 1st visit), but I did come home with the determination to use Ikea kitchen cupboards when we remodel in 2009. I've already spent hours fooling with their kitchen design program. Oh yeah!


Kristen said...

The Ikea kitchens are great! We're probably going to use their cabinets too.

Did you see this makeover on Apartment Therapy a little while back? I thought that this picture was a really clever use of Ikea cabinets:


But really, nothing at Ikea? Not even a picture frame?

becoming-home said...

I can't believe LL Bean was out of that adorable corner unit! I thought they were new? Did they say when it would be coming in?

Andrea, you clearly possess willpower that I will never know!

Kristen said...

The Green one was "Sold Out" - as in, they will never have it EVER. The lady I talked to said they had Quality Issues with the green paint. So we got it in the Tan color instead.

Weird, huh?

Sandy & Michael said...

Have you heard of bemz.com - I was considering using them for an ikea loveseat that is truly bedraggled. You might want to check them out for your slipcover problem :) Oh, and I'm hoping to be able to post about the clawfoot tub fixtures shortly!


Sandy & Michael said...

oops, just saw the link on your sidebar :)
And I forgot to say, the baby picture is adorable!

Kristen said...

S&M (sexy!) - Word to the Bemz! Since they're in Europe, the shipping got us. It was just cheaper to order from Ikea. Though if we were going for one of the fancier Bemz prints, you betcha we would have shelled out!

Looking forward to plumbing talk!

The Litter Box House said...

Ok, you all got me. I did come home with 3 packs of wooden hangers ($3/pack) and curtains for my daughter's closet ($8). But I don't count the curtains because it wasn't the right color and I need to return it. I wish I had bought the $5 curtains (sale price) because I think those were the right color. But I waffled at buying 2 sets of curtains because I kept thinking about the cost of renovating my kitchen.

Now if I can just convince my friend to take another trip to Ikea...

Kristen said...

Hah! I knew it! No one is impervious to Ikea!

Dulcie said...

I love Ikea. Granted, it is a bit contemporary for my tastes, but those prices! Gosh darnit, I wish we had one in Colorado.

Your bunny makes me swoon.

priscila said...


priscilla said...

sorry, bad post. slipcovers for ikea stuff.


Anna said...

Oh dear, welcome to the club of mouse-"owners" ;)
If you should find the perfect solution how to get rid of them, let me know, please...

Ellen said...

Nugget's picture is very cute, but it seems to be missing something - maybe a pancake on his head would help?

I've sworn off IKEA furniture after a few ridiculously frustrating stocking issues, but I may be swayed as we put a desk and cabinets into our basement. I love just about everything else in the store, though - those paperboard CD boxes are a lifesaver, and my peppers are growing really well in bright red Swedish wastebaskets.

I can really relate to the reciprocating saw love. When we used ours for the first time to tear down a metal awning over our door, every male within three houses was in our yard within twenty minutes.

Them Country Folk: said...

What a great photo! I love it!