Thursday, June 14, 2007

No more yardwork yammering!

There's nothing much new to report, unless you'd all like to hear another list of accomplished yardwork? I knew you would! Here's a short one:
  • Ben planted grass seed out by the sidewalk.
  • I planted lavender and salvia in the back yard; fuschia, oxalis, and purple lady in the porch boxes; pink and white gaura in pots by the porch steps.
  • Mulch!! We mulched the front yard and some of the back!
  • The whole back patio has been meticulously cleared of gravel and is waiting for dirt&seed.
  • We've got a a hellebore on the way from Wayside Gardens to test-drive in the shady spot outside.

Helleborus Royal Heritage (tm), in bloom:

Helleborus Royal Heritage, not in bloom:

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