Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wildlife update

Two things, but first a disclaimer. In theory, I don't really mind things like fieldmice, shrews, moles, etc. Wild rats are pretty gross and squirrels creep me out, but smaller outdoor rodents I feel generally benevolent toward. They're kinda cute.

That said:

1. There are moles in the garden. I saw two chase each other (twitterpated moles? excellent band name.) through the siberian iris and almost across my feet. And this weekend when we were out in the garden we could hear them scooting around. I am hoping that they'll mind their own business and not mess with our plants too much so we don't have to deal with them.

2. There was a mouse in the kitchen sink today. God damn it. I was sitting in the "living-kitchen" (seriously, what do we call this room? We should have a contest.) and heard a little clink clink. Then the drippy faucet. Then clink-clink. So I thought, ugh, it's probably the water dripping on the dirty dishes weirdly, I better go wash them. But a little furry mouse had already started them for me. He was sitting on a bowl of old yogurt and bananas, his elbow nudging a crusted-in spoon. My screaming and flailing scared him down a little hole between the sink and the countertop.

So that sucks. I don't mind mice when they're out in a field eating seeds or playing tiny banjos like in cartoons. But we can't have mice in the house. And PGH is just urban enough that there's no point in catch-and-release. So we gotta off 'im. Tonight, Mickey sleeps with the fishes, folks.

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