Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tree ID

Thanks to some help from my green thumb mom, I've managed to identify two of the three types of small trees in the front yard. We have... (drumroll please)...

Two maple-leaved viburnums:

And a viburnum opulus, better known as a snowball bush! Isn't that an adorable name?

I think the third tree is a forsythia. We've also got a bunch of plump peonies, columbine growing like weeds, and ferns in the shade. Hostas, roses, holly, sweet woodruff, soapwort, sedum, some cute boxwoods out back. There's too much ivy out front for my taste, but at least it's healthy, I guess. That stuff's a weed. We're also going to rip out the barberry bushes and these low juniper-like shrubs. Too many thorns. We don't like thorns. We do like snowball bushes, though.

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Karen said...

I think the Scallions may be a huge cash cow! If you let them go will they turn into Leeks?